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be amazed. be very amazed.
Thursday, October 16, 2008
♥ 8:40 PM

it's amazing how, after knowing people for so many years, you find out plenty of fun stuff about them only later.

let's talk about the phenomenon we call... dance dance revolution. (lol. XD) normally, it's a fun game. aside from the adrenaline rush it gives you when you step on the pad, it feeds you illusions that you can actually dance... or at the very least, move to a certain beat.

but honestly. i'm not talking about that. it'd be such a drag. what i'm going to talk about are these three people: imang. val. sheldon. on the dance pad. HAHAHA.

now. imang is known to be a squealer. i mean, literally a squealer. when she's... very frustrated about something, she squeals. or when she's particularly amused, she squeals. so you could just imagine her on the dance pad, when she was trying to step on the right arrows, while timing it to the beat... GOD. it was priceless. in short: ang mapoise na si imang, ay naging... squealing machine. and she struggled a lot of times too. HAHAHA. love you mang. <3

and now let's talk about val. VAAAL. the phenomenon that is val. naamuse gud siya sa dance pad. as in super. to the point na lahat na lang ng buttons gusto niyang apakan. to the point na every time nagapili si imang ng kanta kay ginapress niya ang select button randomly, kaya nagiging random--not to mention mahirap--ang mga ginasayaw ni imang. tapos ang best part niyan, kapag ayaw ni imang ang mapili, ginahapak niya si val, tapos nagasqueal ulit siya. tapos nagalaugh lang si val. HAHAHAHA.

tapos. si sheldon. oh, si sheldon. ang pacifier/instigator ng katatawanan. magaling siya magdance pad, mind you. pero. kapag nagasqueal si imang. grabe ang tawa niya. i mean, ginapagtawanan talaga niya si imang. tapos. kapag ginagaraan naman namin si imang, siya ang nagastop sa'min. san ang hustisya sheldon??? hahahaha. joke lang. pero bitaw. kalingaw ni sheldon. magaling siya. yeeeey. :D

so there goes my dance revo experience. LOVELY. :)

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Friday, October 10, 2008
♥ 9:27 PM

it started out really innocent. this game of chicken. breva kept on hitting, and hitting, and hitting my hand, and i kept on taking the hit. until i evaded...

and breva hit...


and caused...


eventually, the friendly staff cleaned it up. and it became shiny like...

don't you just love mcdo staff, brevs??? HAHAHAHA.

note to self: never play chicken whenever there's a coke float in sight. bow. :)

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I'm Tired
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
♥ 9:18 PM

i'm tired of taking all this crap from you.

you hurt me once. you told me it was over. and now you come back, and act as if you never said it was over, as if you never hurt me.

guess what.

i'm not taking you back. i'll do my best to be gentle about rejecting you, but unless you come clean about this whole thing, don't expect any kindness from me.

i'm sick and tired. and you know why.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008
♥ 8:51 PM

dellineating has never been so damn difficult. suddenly now, i find myself trying to differentiate the want to see reality, and the need to see reality. i want to see you in this way, but i need to see you in this way. haha. ang hirap i.gets. okay. so i'm beginning to find humor in this. that's good i guess.

i don't want this to go downhill.

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You Make Falling In Love Easy To Do
Saturday, August 30, 2008
♥ 10:38 PM

as the title states.

you make falling love easy to do. :)

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Saturday, August 23, 2008
♥ 9:33 PM


grabe. promise. like. all the waiting for the videos to upload was worth it. KAGANDA NG FINAL FANTASY 7 ADVENT CHILDREN. MAKALAWAY. AS IN SUPER.

alam mo ung. kahit na 3D siya. kaganda. ang fighting scenes, grabe. ASTEEEEG. makaduling na makalaki ng mata na makahulog-jaw na ewan. PROMISE. alam mo ung. nagahang na lang ako habang pinapanood ko ung mga fighting scenes. tapos. kaastig nung fighting scene nina tifa at loz. WAAAAH. i love the flowers and the grass effect, ung palipad-lipad. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

tapos. KAGWAPO NINA CLOUD AT KADAJ. AT NI YOOL. OMGEEEE. isa pa tong makatulo ng laway. WAAAH. hindi mo mahate sina kadaj at yool, kahit na kalaban sila, kasi kalovely nila. PROMISE. si Kadaj, kalost boy niya na ewan. parang. gusot mo siyang ihug dahil sa kanyang pagkaloyal kay sephiroth, tsaka sa kanyang pagiging 'tool' lang. maawa ka sa kanya, kahit na parang ka strong niya. tapos si yool. parang. OHEM. kaganda ng kanyang baril. and kaganda ng kanyang hair. MAKAINGGIT.

and si cloud. SI CLOUD. with all the blond hair and cold attitude. craaaap. napaka. NAPAKAIDEAL! ayloooooooove him na talaga. must. HUG. ALL. THAT. SADNESS. AND. LONELINESS. AWAY. WAAAAAAAAAAH.

okay. adik na talaga ako. ADIIIIIK. HAHAHA. :)

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Bonding Moments
Friday, August 22, 2008
♥ 9:15 AM

bonding moments are always so nice. i love 'em.

you get to talk ceaselessly, and no one cares if you rant/bitch/gush about something. it's all... free-flowing conversation. honest conversation. it's so different from the pretentious, sickening facade of the world. it's so different from them.

i need more bonding moments with people. no, wait. let me rephrase that. i need more people to bond with. hahaha. bonding with people makes me feel all warm and fulfilled inside. :)

because i'm so over you. :)

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